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Victoria Park, a best friend in quarantine

“Victoria is my best friend,” Marisa, 23, says of the park where she does her daily run. A sentiment clearly echoed by a lot of people on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in week 5 of quarantine.

Victoria Park fountain

Featured Project

different ways to say I love you

I may not be able to come see you or give you a hug, but I can give you this project.
It’s a hand to hold, a day at the beach, drinks in the park on a summer evening, that thing I wish I could show you and tell you a story about. It’s a series of the things I miss sharing with you. It’s a bunch of different ways for me to say I love you.


Why Sleep is the Cornerstone of Health

Sleep is invariably the most important factor in how we feel on a day-to-day basis. In research conducted by Dr Matthew Walker of University of California Berkeley, it was found that a sleepless night can increase anxious feelings by 30% (1). In spite of this research, sleep is not considered to be the most important factor in maintaining health.

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