I’m Stevie, a Photographer and Journalist.

I am an American living in London from a small town on the gorgeous Californian coast, and while I clearly love it, I also love to explore this great city and the U.K. countryside.

I have a Master’s degree in Arts & Lifestyle Journalism at the University of the Arts London and a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from Coventry University. I specialize in journalism, photography, content creation, copywriting, commercial lifestyle photography, and graphic design.

My photographic work stems from growth and emotions, both big and small. I love film photography and will often use it in my personal work. You can see a couple of my recent personal projects here and you can find my commercial photography here.

My writings are about all things lifestyle, with an emphasis on gender disparity, food and drink, and photography. You can see a few of my recent writings here. I also work as a copywriter for anatomē, a London based apothecary, you can see articles I write for them here.

I really love to cook and bake, I document my experiences and what I’m making on this Instagram account just for fun (which means my posts are sporadic at best).

I would love to hear from you! Drop me a line at stevie.deale@gmail.com, by using the contact form below, or by connecting with me on social media.

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