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Why sleep is the cornerstone of health

Sleep is invariably the most important factor in how we feel on a day-to-day basis. In research conducted by Dr Matthew Walker of University of California Berkeley, it was found that a sleepless night can increase anxious feelings by 30% (1). In spite of this research, sleep is not considered to be the most important factor in maintaining health.

One survey completed by Harris Poll on behalf of Philips reviewed over 15,000 adults in 13 different countries and found that on average, sleep health isn’t being prioritised in people’s lives. While 67% of participants viewed sleep to have a significant impact on their overall health and wellbeing, most people, only 29%, surveyed said that they didn’t feel much guilt about not implementing healthy sleep habits (2). Meaning that they are not prioritising sleep as a significant factor in improving their health.

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How to practice mindfulness meditation

Meditation is a technique that is used to help train the brain and help us to be focused on the body. It has been proven to reduce stress and help calm us down. Some studies have shown that breath exercises can reduce inflammation within the body. In a study done by Harvard University, researchers scanned the brain while meditating and found that there were significant changes in the physical state of the brain over the course of two months (1).

While there are many different kinds of meditation, the most basic of these is a mindfulness practice. The goal of a mindfulness practice is to practice bringing attention to your breath and center yourself without judgement of what might happen. Mindfulness meditation is there to help you notice the patterns in your thoughts and give yourself a pause from the everyday chaos of life.

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