London’s Urban Wine

If you were to picture a winery, it will almost certainly include sprawling vineyards, barrels stacked tall in a cellar, or some amalgamation of the two. Historically, you’d be right, “wineries always needed to be near the vineyards,
throughout history, because people were traveling around on horses and carts. Even if your vineyard is a couple of miles away from the winery, it could take all day to get the grapes to you,” winemaker Gavin Monery of Vagabond wines mentioned to me when I visited the winery in Battersea Power Station. The tradition of having wineries near the vineyards is something that Vagabond is
bucking against. And they’re not the only ones.

Victoria Park: A best friend in quarantine

Victoria Park fountain

“Victoria is my best friend,” Marisa, 23, says of the park where she does her daily run. A sentiment clearly echoed by a lot of people on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in week 5 of quarantine.

Elizabeth Wolfe, Emerging Artist

Credit: Elizabeth Wolfe

“I’ve never not made art,” multimedia artist Elizabeth Wolfe tells me in the first few moments of our forty minute phone call. From looking at her work, you can see that this is true, there is a depth for each project or piece she’s put out. No matter what, you can tell she’s constantly in the midst of creating something.

Drunk & Asking for Order: women in wine are demanding a better industry

In 2017, at a wine tasting event at a small cafe in Seattle, WA, I had an interaction with a male wine producer that left me feeling young, inexperienced, and uncomfortable. I was working as a barista/front of house/wine salesperson and we had a tasting event happen with over 50 different producers, it was a wonderful annual event that usually had us all leaving with our hearts full. I was chatting with a wine producer, who shall remain nameless, he was drunk and a little high (this is Seattle, after all) and he ran into a shrub, then invited me to go get drinks with
everyone else, to which I declined. It had been a long day and we still had to clean up the shop.

The Feminine Gaze: how female photographers are fighting against the gender gap

© Kourtney Roy, from the series Middle of Fucking Nowhere

In 2019, the British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Humanity Award out of the almost 200 shortlisted artists, only 63 of them were women. In spite of their talent, women in photography are still struggling with gender disparity.

Taking Place at the Gallery at Foyles: homelessness through the lens

Taking Place at the Gallery at Foyles

Smooth jazz floods the room while people sit on their laptops, read a book, or drink a coffee with a friend, The Gallery at Foyles seems like a strange context for the work Taking Place by artist Anthony Luvera. However, that juxtaposition feels important, since the whole point of this exhibition is to raise awareness for the homelessness crisis in the United Kingdom.

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